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History of Panama Hats

In 1630 the production of unique, elegant and practical straw sun hats
began in Ecuador, South America.

The hats are finely woven from the blanched leaves of the Toquilla palm
(Carludovica Palmata). This palm is only found in the coastal hills of
Ecuador where the conditions are conducive to the growth of the palm.

The gold-diggers who crossed the Isthmus of Panama and continued into
Ecuador, named these beautifully woven hats- Panamas. By 1850 America
was importing the hats from Ecuador.

Genuine Panama hats are renowned for their lightness and fineness of weave.
Each hat is hand woven and can take a few days to weave.

Very finely woven hats (Superfinos) can take months to weave by master weavers.
The Panama Hat is iconic, versatile and stylish.  It has become a modern day accessory.




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amazon blue panama hats